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Occupational Health Testing

Occupational Health Testing

In easiest and simplest words, occupational health testing is a collection of a variety of employee health screening needed by employers. The goal of these tests is also to prevent health related disease and injuries.

Occupational health testing by Al Mutatawer Diagnostic Laboratory, can further help to identify the pre-existing health conditions of employees that can potentially make them prone to the effects of certain hazardous substances on the job.

Every company knows how essential the health of their employees is. A healthy and happy worker is an asset for the company, because they are always motivated and eager to work. Occupational health testing is the essential part of the working environment, as it also prevents work-related diseases.

Occupational health testing by Al Mutatawer Diagnostic Laboratory, is essential before hiring, as it determines if the employee is medically fit enough to perform the duties tasked to them.

This may entail routine medical history, physical fitness and drug screening.

Al Mutatawer Diagnostic Laboratory, offers tailor-made health checks which cover a wide range of industries and include

  • Re- Employment Health screening.
  • Drug Abuse.
  • General Preventive Checks.
  • Sailors/ Mariners Health Check.
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